Founded by award winning Tattoo Artist Robert Pho

Skin Design Tattoos has now become a destination point for both tattoo collectors and artists from all over the world. It is in this 4,000+ square foot space that Robert Pho and his colleagues work day and night to bring the artistic visions of their clients to life.

As such, Skin Design Tattoos offers a number of services that include:

Photo Realism ● Black and Gray ● Portraits ● Color Tattoos ● Color Realism ● Polynesian Tattoos ● Japanese Tattoos ● Cover-ups ● Laser tattoo removal services


No words can describe the amazing quality of work this company puts out. My whole experience here was beyond my expectations. Great people, great experience, great atmosphere, and for sure some damn good tattoos. Shoutout to Andy for being the best.

Phillip D.

Best black and grey portraits you can get. I had the tattoo of my grandmother done by Fernie, and Marilyn Monroe done by Robert Pho. Both were very professional and took pride in their work. I will be going back for more tattoos in the future. Traveling from Albuquerque to Las Vegas for tattoos is well worth it for the quality work.

Samuel L.

black and gray master

robert pho

With over 25 years of experience, this soft-spoken artistic genius has built a stellar reputation for his mastery of gradient shading, realistic portraits, and black and gray fine line work. He is constantly honing his craft and, as a result, has gained a worldwide following as well as an impressive list of awards and accolades.

awards & accolades

Pacific In & Art Expo 2016
Tattoo of the Event

New York Empire State Expo 2016
First Place Coverup
Second Place Sleeve
Second Place Large Black & Gray
Second Place Chest Panel

Art Gathering LA
Best Back/Chest Panel
Best Arm/Leg Sleeve
Best Black and Gray

Viva La Tinta 2015
Best Creative Design
Best Black and Gray

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